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Video Spokesperson

Why You Need a PageGravy® Video Spokesperson:

A video spokesperson is a great way to put a “face” on your company and products. He or she can become the one voice that speaks on your behalf, in a way that people will accept. A video spokesperson is cost-effective, more so than buying air time on TV. Our sample below is not specific to your browser or mobile device. Our video below has been tested on an Iphone and Ipod. That is different from many other videos out there that don't play on certain mobile platforms.

With PageGravy® you can choose one of our actors, specify how they look, what they wear and what they say. It's really easy to order one. Give us a call and we can talk about your marketing message. We'll find an actor for the project... put your video together and send it to you for your YouTube account. If you don't have one, we will help you put your new video on your webpage. It's really that simple.

Our Green Screen is also mobile, so we can come to you! We use a teleprompter... so you don't have to remember your lines. We also use top quality equipment, which gives you the best outcome possible. Give us a call today!

We are a small company. We just do not have thousands of dollars to invest in a video for our online communications. After receiving a proposal for $4,000.00 from a local film production company, we had shelved that idea. Then, we heard about Page Gravy through another online company we are doing business with. Our advisors were skeptical, but encouraged us to explore what they have to offer. Upon speaking with Glenn, we were astonished to be able to do exactly what we needed for a fee we could easily afford! We showed our advisors Glenn’s web page. They said, if he actually can do that for the price he quoted, it would be wonderful! Not only did he meet our expectations, he did exactly what our advertising advisor recommended. We are more than impressed. We are ecstatic! Thank you, Glenn!

Wedell K.