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QR Code Linked to Video

Linking video to text messages is a powerful marketing tool that is now being used to draw in more customers. However, this linking system can slow down the number of messages you want to send due to the fact that you have to change the QR code for each message. Scan a QR Code Linked To Video and then push a webpage after.

However, there is a new service of the QR code linked to video that can save time, effort and energy when changing out the videos for a new text message. With our PageGravy® process, we can change out the video without re-creating the QR code. This new technique offers several advantages for businesses looking to reach even more customers.

What is a QR Code?

A QR or Quick Response code is similar to the bar codes that you see on products of all types. However, a QR code contains far more information. QR codes are perfect for online marketing because that information can be quickly scanned by mobile devices and used by customers. Businesses enjoy QR codes because it helps them track their sales.

For those who use QR codes in there text messages, particularly ones with linked video, having to change them out or re-add them frequently can be a time consuming process. Plus, having new QR codes may disrupt the accurate tracking of the type of sales that you want. However, this new system of keeping the QR code in place can solve a number of issues.

The Advantages of QR Code Linked to Video

There are certainly a number of advantages that businesses can enjoy by having their QR code linked to video.

Less Time Consuming: Or to put it another way, less tedious in having to re-install the QR code each time a video is changed out. For those who are trying to rapidly execute a marketing campaign, the fewer machinations that have to be dealt with makes it better.

Better Testing: For businesses that link videos to their text messages, the video itself might have to be changes several times before getting the best results. By having the QR code linked to video, this means that more testing can occur in a shorter time period. The result is fine tuning the video for maximum effectiveness in as short a time as possible.

Enhanced Results: A business that has perfected its QR code, it means that they can now focus on other aspects of their text marketing. This is especially true with videos given the time they take to produce. For better overall results, having the QR code linked to video can help squeeze our extra profits in a shorter time period.

Enhancing text messages with video is a relatively new technique which is quickly gaining favor with businesses that see the results. By having the QR code linked to video instead of having to change it each and every time, that convenience results in a better, overall marketing experience, faster testing times and greater impact of the overall presentation itself. This seemingly small convenience may result in very substantial profits for businesses that can fully take advantage. In fact, the time that is saved has importance that may go beyond the profits themselves as well.