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Sometimes those boring written words on a website are just not piquant enough, so the solution to this is the simple whiteboard animation which is proven to be four times more effective than even a person talking on the screen. Whiteboard animation is a type of animated doodling that involves drawing concepts on a white background, either by a computer generated or a real person’s hand. Here what is spoken goes along with what is being illustrated, so a few reasons as to why you would profit from using video scribing on your website are-

Understanding and comprehending ideas: viewers are not only listening to various concepts being explained but are also watching how exactly to carry out such concepts. Thus, they can understand how a complicated product or service may actually be used which in turn increases their level of interest.

Brand awareness: this method does not only make the viewers aware of your products and services but also helps in improving your brand awareness. This is because; this method is still not being used widely, thus it automatically helps to gain brand awareness by the companies who do you this effective technique by differentiating themselves.

Increasing trust, likability and credibility: when viewers first visit a website they might not be too sure as to what they will find, but providing a sense of humour and friendliness helps in relaxing viewers and making them feel more comfortable with information which in turn increases their trust and credibility. When viewers identify with what you are trying to show them, it provides a sense of ease in doing business.

ncrease website traffic: by using effective marketing techniques that involve whiteboard animation, the number of visitors to your website and sharing between readers would automatically increase because it is unique and new.

Increase sales: this technique helps to change mere viewers to buyers by making them aware of your products and services through unique and entertaining methods. Sometimes simple messages and phone calls may not do the job, however making these viewers a part of your own story helps you to get them closer to your sales.

Reduce costs: whiteboard animation can be less expensive and time consuming than conventional videos, especially when you are focussing on how products work. They are normally short and help in condensing information in accordance to what is most important to the viewer.

Adaptability: whiteboards help in reaching a vast population as it is not restricted to a particular age, race or gender.

Whiteboards will grab your attention, using images and even music; your viewers will not help but watch your videos!