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When you talk to Internet marketing experts, one of the first things they will mention is search engine optimization, also known as Search Engine Optimization. A website is only as strong as the amount of web traffic that it pulls in and the number of people it reaches. People find websites through search engines by using search terms that are specific to what they are looking for. Those search terms are known as keywords, and they are the very basis of Search Engine Optimization. Marketing experts spend years understanding why certain target audiences use various keywords and how those keywords can be put to good use for websites that want to attract more users. Implementing Search Engine marketing is something that requires a high level of expertise and experience to do properly.

As search engine optimization begins, PageGravy® works with the client to understand the target audience the company is trying to reach. The marketing company then sets out to develop lists of keywords that relate to searches that those users do when looking for companies within the pertinent industry. These keyword lists can be very obscure and general, or they can be extremely specific. In most cases, there are primary and secondary keywords. The primary keywords are used to capture a large audience and then the secondary words are used to narrow that audience down to the target buying group.

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SEO Website Audit

For $175, we will analyze your websites main page to see if it’s structure is set up correctly for the search engines to rank your website. Naturally, once we do this, we will present a proposal to you for your consideration. We will apply the $175 towards the proposal if you choose to let us fix the problems. If you don’t, you will have a report to take to your webguy and he can make the changes… if they know how.

Once the form is filled out, we will send you an invoice through Square. We can also call you and get the credit card number over the phone. Once paid, we will review your website and send a report to you. We appreciate your business.

Two of the most important parts of search engine optimization are understanding what kind of content is most effective and what ratio of keywords can be used. The content needs to be written with good grammar, proper spelling and it needs to be pertinent to the rest of the content on the website. The search engines use algorithms that can detect good content from bad content. If a website creates useless articles made up of only keywords, then that is called keyword stuffing and that website is banned from the search engines for at least 30 days. There are rewards for good Search Engine Optimization work and consequences for trying to cheat the system.

Search engine optimization also involves creating a user friendly format, making sure the links on a website work and also making sure the coding on a website is clean and professional. Good coding takes much less time to load and takes up less Internet bandwidth. When you are an Search Engine Optimization expert, you wind up knowing a lot about what makes a website appealing to users and to the various search engines as well. At PageGravy®, we call it Form and Function.