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Sending Video through Email

Email marketing is still a powerful force in internet sales, even after all of these years and the rise of social media websites. Email is still personal, direct and perfect for businesses who want to remain in contact with their customers and those who have a keen interest in their products or services.

However, the art of email marketing has changed little over the years with only the minor addition of images to help enhance the information that is being sent. Today, business can now send video through email and get better overall results.

What is Sending Video through Email?

Thanks to today’s advances in technology on the internet, along with the simplification of video playing systems, a small business can now add a video to their email marketing campaigns to create an even greater impact in order to generate new sales.

A proper webpage design is created and sent through the email with the video link attached. The client who receives the email and clicks on the link will be directed to a web browser that will display the webpage and video together. While the video plays, the webpage can provide additional important information as well which helps in creating greater customer response.

The Advantages of Sending Video through Email

There are certainly some powerful advantages when using video to help your email marketing efforts. For businesses that wish to expand their profit potential, these advantages can really add up to generating greater responses.

Universal Video Player: Because the video is being played on a web browser, it does not matter what the capabilities of the customer’s computer is, as long as it can open up a standard web browser which will play the video. This “no-fuss” approach means that virtually all of your customers will see the video without any real issues.

The Video Advantage: Video is a more compact, compelling way of reaching your customers. A short video can contain more information thanks to the images, narration and text than standard newsletters can provide. Plus, video can do all of this in a more entertaining, enjoyable way as well. By telling your message through the art of video, you can generate a greater impact on the viewer which can help entice them to buy more of your products or services.

Quality: One of the less spoken about factors in sending video through email is the positive impression it makes on your company. By using a high quality video, the customer will automatically be impressed by the production values in addition to having it sent to their email as well. This improves your overall brand and boosts your reputation as well.

There is little doubt that sending video through email has a powerful impact on your customer base, particularly those who have purchased from you before or are keenly interested in your products or services. The power of video has been demonstrated over the past several years on the internet, now it can expand to your customers email services to create even more sales for your company.