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Link Video to Text Messages

Text message advertising has been around for the past few years, meeting with substantial success for businesses who understand it merits and limitations. However, it is now possible to link video to text messages to make a great overall impact on the potential buyer. This new addition will open up more frontiers in text message marketing, adding new abilities and impact to the mix.

There is little doubt that videos have had an enormous impact on internet marketing techniques and thanks to new technical advances, playing them on mobile devices is now easier than ever. Combined with text messaging, linking short, powerful videos can deliver an even greater impact to the overall marketing efforts.

How it Works

Essentially, to link video to text messages means inserting a video link to the text message that is sent out. Once the video is played, the system will send the person receiving the message to the website that pertains to the video itself. Google Analytics will then track the number of click-thru’s that occur resulting in a highly accurate account of the effectiveness of the video and website.

This means that you can now better track the effectiveness of your videos apart from the text message itself. The result will be an accurate accounting that will help you zero in on any issues that may be preventing the full impact of your text and video efforts.

The Advantages of Linking Video to Text Messages

There are a number of advantages when you link video to text messages that can help improve your overall marketing efforts. Of course, this type of system works best with short, potent videos that get right to the point. Remember that most of your customers will be on the move and only have a few moments to view a video message, so brevity is of major importance.

Greater Message Impact: The problem with many text messages is that many of them look alike, especially when offering similar information. However, adding a video to the mix creates a unique presentation that gets the attention of those will mobile devices.

Compactness of Video Format: Because videos are a combination of images and sound, you can compress a lot more information in a shorter space compared to a simple text message. A 10 second video presentation can provide far more information than a typical text message and be more informative as well.

Better Overall Response: There is little doubt that videos have generated a great deal of response over the past few years. People respond more readily to videos and thus it creates a more favorable reaction. This is especially true when the video is well produced, brief and gets right to the point.

For those who are looking at enhancing their mobile device marketing methods, the ability to link video to text messages represents a powerful step forward in creating a potent advertising tool. This is especially true in terms of those in younger demographics who get most of their information from using their mobile devices. With everyone going to mobile devices, the ability to link video with text messages has become an even more powerful marketing method.