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What is PageGravy®?

PageGravy® is what makes your website stand out from your competition. It engages your website visitors through capturing their attention... whether it's through a video spokesperson, whiteboard animation, or a video recorded at your office, they all describe what service your company provides. Our latest type of video is the whiteboard animation series. Website visitors are just waiting to see what will be drawn next, while listening to your message.

Along with a business partner, I started PageGravy® in 2007. It started out as cutting edge technology with a walkout actor, but as technology has changed, so have we. Now we create video for mobile platforms and websites as well as intranet training videos. And we now deliver video through a global cloud network to anywhere in the world, without delay.

Thoughout the years, we've got into managed hosting services so customers can place one call for website, email and hosting questions. We're a one stop internet shop!

In 2018, we started the initial work on a screen advertising project. It took on a life of it's own, so we seperated it from PageGravy. Recastio is what it end up being called is which ended a TV advertising portal. Call and ask about this one... It's some good stuff!

In 2019, when the Covid-19 Social Distancing protocols were put into place, we built a platform for Restaurants to accept Carry Out Only order. You can find it

Glenn Werstler

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