What is PageGravy ® ?

PageGravy® is what makes your website stand out from your competition. It engages your website visitors through capturing their attention… whether it’s through a video spokesperson, whiteboard animation, or a video recorded at your office, they all describe what service your company provides. Our latest type of video is the whiteboard animation series. Website visitors are just waiting to see what will be drawn next, while they listen to your message. See the example below.

Along with a business partner, I started PageGravy® in 2007. We started out as cutting edge technology with a walkout actor, but as technology has changed, so have we. Now we create all things Internet. From Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps to Videos and Whiteboard Aninmation. We deliver video through a global cloud network to anywhere in the world, without delay.

As a USAF Airman, I was exposed to technology early on. Now as a Veteran, I continue PageGravy® because I like to CREATE using today's internet technology! I’ve really enjoyed working with individuals in Mom and Pop shops as well as Global Companies. I appreciate working with each one.

Glenn Werstler

Location: Canton, Ohio – (330) 495-7941 – Only minutes from The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Whiteboard Animation

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a process by which a video or pictures are created on a storyboard for the purposes of entertainment, artist work or educational videos. The drawing and explanations are recorded for use in online sites or video presentations in the tutorials.

Who draws the pictures in whiteboard animations?

Concepts are illustrated on a white background either by a real person’s hand or by using a computer software to make the animations.

Are there any benefits of using this service?

Animations help your viewers in comprehending and understanding ideas: Research has shown that users understand better the concepts or product explanation when watching and listening on how to carry out these new concepts.

The uniqueness of video animation captures people’s interests therefore increasing product awareness and in return increasing your website traffic and eventually increasing your sales.

Since animations are less costly compared to conventional videos, they save you on the cost of promoting your products.

What is Video Spokesperson?

A Video Spokesperson is filmed on a green or white screen, depending on the application. We then layer the video spokesperson onto a background or presentation. This is the same technology as they use on car ads where the person is talking and a car is driving through some curves. We are able to make this cost effective for growing businesses.

What is SEO & why is it important for my business?

Search Engine Optimization is the addition and adjustment of variables and extended variables of a website in order to attain a better position in the search engines. Years ago we figured out the secret sauce to make company websites get displayed towards the top of the search results, where a customer may look to find them.

Every large and small websites must be optimized for search engines and this can be done by enriching the sites with fresh contents. For you to have effective result on your website, you need the help of a professional search engine optimization consultant or SEO company

YouTube Videos For Business is a commercial version of a YouTube video. Cats dancing isn't a great way to introduce your product, so we create a presentation and shoot an actor or business owner on a green screen. We then layer the videos... fade in some music, and BAMM! A professional video introducing your product of service! Give us a call to discuss your project.

Why should I Link Videos to Text Messages?

Linking short powerful videos to your text messages can be a super weapon in your marketing tactics. While text messages do convey some meaning, but a short and tactically made video can deliver a huge amount of information in very short time. In the past decade, it is all about being able to carry technology wherever you go, because people are always running for more and thus running out of time for smaller activities. This has influenced the marketing industry to change in its tactics to deliver content and information to their target audience. In this age of fast mobile communication and technical advancements, time is a luxury, so, it is necessary to make an impact on your audience in a very short time. Linking properly edited videos to your text messages can deliver everything that you want to say to your audience with precision, yet within a very limited time frame. Give us a call to discuss your project.


SALES REP MARKETING TECHNIQUES is a way for clients to quickly order your products. As a sales representative, sometimes we are burdened with long fustrative website addresses. PageGravy can develop a small website for you and import that long, crazy website name into your site. So say, John J. sells furninture, the catalog John J. delivers to his client is an inch thick. We can make JohnJsells.com, build a website, capture emails for a newsletter, import content from the longwebsitename.com and JohnJ now relies on more that just droping off a catalog. Let us know how to help you do more than just dropping off a catalog. Give us a call to discuss your project.

What are QR codes & what is the advantage of linking them to videos?

QR codes are a fairly new system which works quite like a bar-code. It allows people to gain more information about a product which you link the QR code to. Linking a video to a QR code will push the message to the viewer instead of relying on them to click on the play video buttom on a website. We can then direct (push) the viewer over to a buy now page to make the purchase. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Is Sending Video through Email suitable for Email marketing?

Yes. In fact, sending video through Emails gives better results compared to the traditional ways of email marketing. It will engage the viewer and push video content right from the email. When used with a responsive website, the viewer will easily find there way to the buy now area described in the video. Give us a call to discuss your project.