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Website Design Company

When deciding on the value of a new website, thing about this: What is the cost of one employee who will take sales or market your company 24/365. A $10 employee actually will cost you $13 after taxes. There are 8765.82 hours in one year. Multiply that out and they will cost you $113,951.76. If you found a worthwhile person to do that for %10, would you find value? We don't know what you were quoted, but we bet it was under 100k. How about if someone set up a 24 hour sales or marketing system that will work until it's changed... for that same 10%. Would you find value? This is what we do. Not only do we build websites, but we develop online marketing systems. We focus on the goals best for our clients. That is what PageGravy brings to the table. Give us a call.

A good website design company is essential to the success of your website and to your business as well. Finding a new webisite design company will take your initial idea and tell you where we can take it using new tehnology. As a website design company, Pagegravy will become more of a team member, instead of just a programmer. website designs need to be done in an exciting and dynamic way, you are bound to increase the popularity of your site as well as your business.

Although there are many sorts of bells and whistles that you can add to your webpage these days, optimal website design incorporates just a few extras so as to engage, but not overwhelm the viewers. If there are too many videos, flash animations, and audio going on all at once, the page will not only take forever to load, but it often times confuses or turns off the person viewing the site. The key to a successful website is to entice your audience to view, explore, and return to the site. In order to do this, you should add just enough pizzazz but not so much that it is distracting.

One good way to enhance your website design without being off-putting or overwhelming is to incorporate videos of some sort. Either through basic videos or else through talking animations or live actor recordings, this is a great way to create a more interactive atmosphere on your website. It has a high success rate of keeping a viewer on the page and also serves a practical purpose of informing the viewer of what you have to offer in a way that is easy to understand.

By taking time to consider all of your options and plan the design of your site, your internet presence will be able to function most effectively for you and your business. The web is a great venue and resource that when used properly, can lead to tremendous gains in terms of visibility and profits. The best way to do this is to strike a delicate balance between innovation and practicality when it comes to your website design. When taking these tips into account, you will be sure you are taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer and you will see a great amount of success on a variety of levels.

Our website design company using proven techniques for Website Design, Digital Marketing, & SEO. Our first client website design was created in 1995. Boy, have times changed! We started PageGravy® in 2007 after realizing website videos are going to be a main part of Internet Marketing. We started out as cutting edge technology with a walkout actor, but as technology has changed, so have we …

website design company

Our Services

website design company

Web Design

A well designed website can let the world know that your company exists, and it may act as your digital storefront. We know what it takes to create conspicous designs that gel perfectly with your brand.

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development

We offer a multi-faceted mobile marketing approach that creates great customer experiences through mobile app development.

website design company


It's not just important now to have a website, but to be listed on the search engines for new clients can find you. Some designers actually build websites not to be listed on Google. Not Us!

website design company

Website Hosting

We take the one call approach when offering our client services. We have our own internet servers to handle your website, videos, email and mobile apps. One call is all it takes for future changes.

Mobile App Development Company

Video Marketing

Our Video strategies maintain relevance, win market share and drive profitability and ensure overall success.

website design company

Image and Ad Creation

We know what it takes to create conspicous images or designs to match your brand.

Mobile App Development Company

Website Design Case Study

When we start working with a client, we immediately start a business friendship with them. We develop a plan like the business was our own. I believe that's what sets us apart from anyone else in this space. You'll see. Give us a call.

website design company

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“Page Gravy puts the "service" in customer service.  Professional content with a local contact.  I have worked with Glenn for 3 years through the start-up of multiple companies.  I consider Page Gravy more a part of my creative team than just my web provider. Glenn has a real handle on designing sites to specification, and in my case, easily modifiable in response to a  growing business. There are many occasions where I needed content posted quickly and needed advice on how my messaging would be interpreted.  Page Gravy provided a dynamite website, helped me work through growing pains of start-up, and remained nimble and attentive to my evolving needs.”

Michelle G.

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Mobile App Development Company